Editorial, Marketing, PR and Branding Services

We specialise in maritime, offshore and logistics knowledge.

● Editorial content: Editorially-led and well-researched articles that have been commissioned by maritime editors and publications (this is separate to client-focused articles and are written independently of any marketing and PR agreements).

● Creation of a content plan: Intent Communications will brainstorm with the Client to identify the ambitions of the group. This is incorporated into a content plan to use traditional and social media to raise the company profile and awareness.

● Website analysis and update: Intent can analyse the Client’s website, identify areas for improvement and refresh its content. Particular attention will be paid to industry narratives, focused storytelling and thought leadership. Option to create content-rich blogs to drive brand awareness on the website and social media.

● Client articles for the media: Ghost writing thought-leadership articles for the Client’s team and getting them placed with the maritime media.

● Traditional PR services: Creation and distribution of press releases. Liaising with members of the press to contribute quotes to articles and to place opinion pieces.

● Whitepapers and reports: Thought leadership and lead generation content that can be hosted on the Client’s website and demonstrate alignment with client concerns.

● Audio visual content: Filming and editing of video content for the website, video platforms and social media. We also offer podcast or soundbite creation for the Client’s website and social media or hosting platforms.

● Social media support: Support for social media accounts for the Client’s brand but also for individuals who wish to build their reputation as thought leaders.

● Event support: Content support, sourcing of speakers and event chairing for events and roundtables.

● Media training: We can host workshops for the Client's team to prepare them for media interactions.

● Crisis management: We can support Clients to navigate media attention during a crisis that could affect their reputation in the media and markets.

To discuss our services further, please email info@intentcommunications.co.uk